Interprofessional Task Force (2013-2014)

NOTE: With the completion of its work in 2014, the IPTF was replaced with the Committee on Interprofessional Excellence in Healthcare which now oversees the University’s interprofessional program.


The University of Connecticut has garnered a well-earned national & international reputation for excellence in health sciences education, research, patient care, and outreach. The broader health sciences community has widely accepted the benefits of interprofessionalism to students and patients and the rich research environment created when scholarship extends across disciplines.

In recent years, there has been increasing collaboration in all of these domains among UConn faculty & students in the various health professions/sciences, consistent with the growing emphasis on interprofessional cooperation. Though these efforts have been highly successful, the university has lacked a vision that articulates its goals & strategies in interprofessional collaboration.

As the university develops its new academic plan, it will be vital that the institution’s health professions/sciences come together to develop a plan that will move us closer to the vision we have described as “UConn Health 2020.” To that end, the health sciences deans, in asserting the institution’s commitment to interprofessional collaboration, have established the Interprofessional Task Force (IPTF).


The Interprofessional Task Force is charged with:

  1. Describing a delivery system based on interprofessional patient care that we would hope to achieve by the end of the current decade and that could serve as the model for UConn Health 2020
  2. Developing a 5-year interprofessional strategic plan, with annual goals & strategies, that will guide the university in the following domains: teaching; patient care; research; and community engagement.


A proposed model and draft strategic plan should be available for review by the health sciences deans no later than July 1, 2014.